Candidates corner

What is PILAPT® ?

PILAPT® is a scientifically validated series of tests for assessing people’s aptitude for air pilot. Each test assesses a specific aptitude shown to predict performance in flying training.

Can I practice to improve my scores?

The test already have practice included in them to ensure that everybody has an equal and fair chance to show their aptitude when they sit the tests.

How will my scores be used?

All scores are compared to a comparison group relevant to the use of the tests (e.g. all applicants to an airline or training school). This will show how well you have performed compared to other candidates.

What is the pass mark for PILAPT® ?

There is no set pass mark as this will vary depending on the organisation. PILAPT® is often part of a wider series of assessments, and is used in conjunction with other data such as interviews, other tests and simulator exercises.

How will my scores be reported?

This is done through a detailed summary of your performance across the tests. Some organisations use this information to provide feedback, so ask if feedback will be provided.

PILAPT® is there to help you make the right decision.

Remember that the assessment is also for your benefit. It is not your interest to start training if you are likely to struggle or fail at some later point. PILAPT® will help identify your likelihood of success in pilot training. You are about to make a very important decision and a huge investment, so it has to be right for you as well as for the people who will train and employ you.