PILAPT® will help you


Identify safe and competent pilots

The tests are designed with one clear priority in mind – to ensure that you can identify candidates with the strongest likelihood of being capable and safe pilots.


Reduce your selection costs

Effective selection of pilots takes time, money and effort; an investment that shows a poor return if candidates perform poorly in more expensive assessments such as interviews and simulator checks. PILAPT® will help you to identify these candidates early.

Test scores can also assist with marginal candidates. The scores from the tests can be used to inform and refine decisions on such candidates, including identifying candidates who have talent that might have been otherwise rejected.


Use training resources more effectively

Typical results show that the highest 30% on PILAPT® have a 4:1 likelihood of passing training first time, while those scoring in the lowest 30% have a 2:1 likelihood of failing first time.

PILAPT® also provides detailed information on each candidate’s strengths and weaker areas. This can help to maximize the return from pilot training by identifying those candidates who will require additional input particularly in tight conversion programs.